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Page last updated 12th March 2018.

For our new cutaways survey we would like to know what components, modules or systems your company supplies to the vehicles below.


2018 Citroen C3 Aircross - First Generation (Platform: PF1; Program: A88; Assembled: Zaragoza, Spain; SOP: August 2017)

2018 Mercedes Benz CLS - Third Generation (Platform: MRA MID-SIZE; Program: C257; Assembled: Sindelfingen, Germany; SOP: January 2018)

2019 Volkswagen Touareg - Third Generation (Platform: MLB D; Program: VW536; Assembled: Bratislava, Slovakia; SOP: January 2018)

2018 Ford Focus - Fourth Generation (Platform: C2; Program: C519; Assembled: Saarlouis, Germany; SOP: February 2018)


North America

2018 BMW X4 – Second Generation (Platform: LK; Program: G02; Assembled: Spartanburg North, United States; SOP: April 2018)

2019 Mercedes Benz A Sedan - First Generation (Platform: MFA; Program: V177; Assembled: Aguascalientes, Mexico; SOP: July 2018)

2019 Nissan Altima - Sixth Generation (Platform: D; Program: L42P; Assembled: Canton, United States; SOP: August 2018)

2019 Cadillac XT4 - First Generation (Platform: GLOBAL EPSILON/E2XX; Program: E2UL; Assembled: Fairfax, United States; SOP: August 2018)


Rest of the World

2019 Toyota Yaris - Fourth Generation (Platform: EFC; Program: 231B; Assembled: Bidadi, India; SOP: March 2018)

2018 Haval Hover M6 - First Generation (Platform: CHB; Program: CHB025A; Assembled: Xushui, China; SOP: August 2017)

2018 Hong Guang S3 - First Generation (Platform: CN2; ProgramCN120S; Assembled: Chingqing, China; SOP: September 2017)

2018 Fiat Cronos - First Generation (Platform: TYPE 199; Program: X6S; Assembled: Cordoba, Argentina; SOP: December 2017)

**I would like to hear from you on or before Friday, 6th April, 2018**


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