Jeremy Carlson

Jeremy Carlson is a Principal Analyst and Manager with IHS Automotive in the areas of autonomous driving, mobility and automotive technology. He has worked in automotive electronics market research and analysis with a focus on driver assistance, sensors, autonomous vehicles and mobility in the analyst role and has presented numerous times at industry events and conferences on a variety of topics in addition to supporting journalists and media worldwide. Jeremy’s primary areas of focus include automated and autonomous driving and new mobility resulting from years of experience in advanced driver assist systems, technologies and sensors. Complementary research includes technical topics, regulation and legislation, and the deployment of new technologies. He has worked with a number of OEM and supplier companies in supporting both syndicated and custom analysis to support critical decisions that shape the automotive and transportation business landscape.

Jeremy joined IHS in 2010 and now leads the Autonomous Driving practice for IHS Automotive in addition to being a key contributor to emerging mobility topics.

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