Electrical Service

Electrical Service

Vehicles’ electronics content has increased rapidly in recent years. As more digital features are added, the complexity of the control systems and electrical architectures within vehicles increases substantially. This complexity results in some difficult decision making for OEMs and suppliers exposed to vehicle electrics and electronics.

IHS Automotive’s Vehicle Electrics and Electronics Service provides insight, context, data, and analytics for the key technologies affecting vehicle electronics and electrical networks.

Users can quickly access key insights from market developments, put context around events and technology trends, dive into deep data and forecasts, and seamlessly drive analytics to support their most challenging decisions.

Topics covered

  • Electronics applied to comfort functions
  • In-vehicle electrical architecture (e.g., 48V systems for hybrid and nonhybrid applications)
  • Central body control modules, immobilizers, keyless entry, power sunroofs, power windows, tire pressure monitoring, wiring harnesses

Planners and strategists use the service to

  • Assess and forecast new electrical and electronics technology growth
  • Analyze the competition
  • Understand OEMs’ purchasing strategies
  • Evaluate customers’ technology adoption paths

The Electrics & Electronics Service is part of a suite of vehicle contenting services. Delivered through SupplierInsight, an IHS Automotive strategy and planning solution, the service provides a view into current automotive trends and future demand through

  • Sector news and analysis
  • Topical reports
  • Supplier profiles
  • Who Supplies Whom Survey database
  • Access to analyst and webinars
  • Model-level forecasts, technology fitment, and supplier relationships (optional add-on)