Branded Speakers and Acoustics Report

Branded Speakers and Acoustics Report

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Publication Date: 17/08/2018

This report provides a basic understanding of premium audio technology for cars, an in-depth demand outlook, main players and main market drivers, both at a global and regional level. It also:

  • Identifies potential growth areas for branded audio suppliers
  • Examines the growth of global demand for overall car acoustics
  • Looks at emerging trends of car connectivity

How does IHS define premium audio? In-vehicle audio components that provide decent sound quality continue to be one of the most indispensable features of in-car infotainment. Since the term “premium audio” is subject to individual perceptions—what is considered premium by one might not be so by another—it is important to first profile it. The criteria to define “premium” may vary in terms of quantifiable features such as speaker count, maximum wattage, and surround sound channels or intangible features such as advanced software algorithms. Therefore, rather than defining the term “premium audio”, a more relevant term “branded audio”, which usually contains features found in a typical high-end audio system, has been interchangeably used for all analyses in this report.

Branded audio refers to audio systems that clearly state a brand such as Harman Kardon, JBL, Bose, etc., on the speakers, center stack of the vehicle or elsewhere.

Supplier refers to the tier-1 supplier or parent company that is behind the branded or non-branded speakers.

All research in this report is based on IHS’s production forecast for branded car audio speakers, which is in turn based on our global light vehicle production forecast released in May 2016 and included light vehicles up to 3.5 tons gross vehicle weight.

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  • Research scope & definitions      
  • Research methodology      
  • Key findings      

Market analysis   

  • Global demand      
  • Regional demand      
  • Market drivers      
  • Growing car connectivity      
  • Ultra-premium audio space      
  • IHS consumer survey - premium audio      
  • Branded audio value by vehicle segment      

Technology outlook   

  • Technology overview      
  • Branded audio demand by technology type      

Supplier/OEM analysis   

  • Top branded audio suppliers      
  • OEMs’ audio sourcing strategies      

Tier-1 supplier profiles