The Advanced Automotive Lighting and Vision Systems Report

The Advanced Automotive Lighting and Vision Systems Report

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Publication Date: 25/04/2018

With LEDs gaining importance, the price of LEDs has decreased rapidly over the past three to five years. This trend is expected to continue over the next few years until LED lights reach a true mass-adoption cost. Essential research on better materials is crucial to reach this price goal. However, beyond that, advances in materials will also broaden LED consumption through improved performance in brightness, lifetime (concerning brightness and colour maintenance), and colour homogeneity or colour rendering.

Automotive headlights have been the last automotive application to transition to LEDs. In addition to luxury vehicles being equipped with high-power, high-luminance LEDs, new technologies and materials are now expected to expand to the high-volume entry-level vehicles sector in the next few years. The industry-wide move to solid-state light sources brings several obvious advantages, such as a significant reduction in energy use. Illumination has accounted for a significant proportion of energy use; a 50% reduction by 2025 over 2005 through solid-state light sources is a significant achievement. Within the automotive sector, solid-state light sources lead to an overall reduction in CO2 emissions, and a significantly longer working lifetime. Apart from the LED and OLED light sources that are being incorporated in vehicles today, new light sources in development include digital micromirror devices (DMD) and laser technology.

About this report

The Advanced Automotive Lighting and Vision Systems Report study by IHS Markit analyses the original equipment (OE) light vehicle lighting systems and technology demand on the both global and regional basis from 2016 to 2023.

  • It also recognises the drivers and restraints that affect the industry and analyses their impact over the forecast period. This study identifies the significant opportunities for market growth in the next few years and provides competitive analysis of players in the industry.
  • The report also discusses top OEMs' sourcing structure in the respective section.
  • The report highlights the global automotive lighting market by various applications and geography in automotive industry.
  • Major market participants in the sector include  Hella, Valeo and Magneti Marelli.


  • Latest Applications of automotive lighting in a vehicle?
  • Reasons of LED being preferred over conventional lighting methods?
  • How quickly is global headlamp market with LEDs expected to grow?
  • How designs of headlamps are affected by safety regulations in various regions?




Key findings      


Market analysis

Global component demand       

Regional component demand   

Market drivers

Market outlook


Technical analysis


Light sources     

Technology Outlook      


Competitive analysis

OEM sourcing strategies              






Supplier analysis              


Magneti Marelli               





Tier-1 supplier profiles


Sub-supplier sourcing

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