The Impact of High Voltage Alternative Propulsion Systems on Power Electronics

The Impact of High Voltage Alternative Propulsion Systems on Power Electronics

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Publication Date: 20/09/2018

Regional carbon dioxide (CO2) and emissions legislations are the major factors driving the global demand for EVs. Present internal combustion technology alone is not able to achieve such targets. Therefore, almost every vehicle manufacturer has started to include alternative propulsion derivatives in their respective product lineups to meet these goals. 

About this report

The report looks at the impact of high voltage alternative propulsion systems on power electronics covering technology and system suppliers and component outlook. The report also determines the key growth areas, for the supplier ecosystem and analyses their impact in the near future. It shares insights on the technology trends and developments related to the global high voltage propulsion system power electronics market.

The report will answer the following questions:

  • What is the size and scope of automotive high voltage propulsion system power electronics market divided between battery inverter, DC/DC converter, on-board charger and charging connector?
  • What are key drivers pushing the market?
  • What are the new technologies expected in the future?
  • What is the supplier-OEM landscape for the market?

The report will offer insight on the following points about the global high voltage propulsion system power electronics market:

  • Penetration of inverter, DC/DC converter, on-board charger and charging connector demand volumes between 2017 and forecast till 2023
  • Technological advancement in the high voltage propulsion system power electronics market
  • OEMs supplier landscape for high voltage propulsion system power electronics

Of the different components of an EV, it is perhaps the battery and power electronics that is of the greatest significance. Not having enough charge available is still regarded as one of the main factors why consumers are hesitating to go full electric. Nonetheless, it is expected that the market for alternative propulsion vehicles will grow significantly in the coming years and with it the power electronics market. 

Among different kind of charging connectors, GB/T + GB/T DC accounted for the major share in 2017. Guobio or GB standards are China's national standards for products and services. These are classified Mandatory or Recommended with Mandatory standards enforced by laws and are primarily concerned with protection of human health, personal property, and safety. Applying the GB standards is voluntary unless federal authorities expressly cite these as mandatory laws/regulations. Voluntary standards are denoted by GB/T. The GBT standard can support AC Levels 2 and 3 in addition to up to 400 V DC. 

Wireless charging is expected to grow not only for consumer devices, but also for automotive applications in the next several years. It is not a new technology. A “primary” coil in a charging unit uses an electromagnetic field (EMF) to induce a current in a “secondary” coil in a device being charged. The primary driver for the use case of wireless power and charging is the improvement in convenience to the end user. For the full potential of wireless charging to be achieved, the end-user experience must be seamless and intuitive. This includes charging at and away from home with any installed charging infrastructure. Considering the future for wireless EV charging, a “slow burn” scenario is expected with market penetration remaining low throughout the forecast period.

The global market for inverters is highly consolidated, with four companies making up more than one-half of total sales volumes in 2017. Also, the global market for converters is highly consolidated, with two companies making up almost one-half of total sales volumes in 2017.

Executive summary



Alternative-propulsion vehicle landscape
Power electronics overview
Research methodology

Key market trends

Global inverter demand
Global DC/DC converter demand
Global charging connector demand
Global on-board charger demand

Technical trends

Inverter position in alternative propulsion vehicles
DC/DC converter position in alternative propulsion vehicles
Charging connector type
Wireless charging

OEM analysis

Top OEM sourcing structure
Supplier-OEM landscape
Demand for power electronics in different vehicles

Supplier analysis

Market structure
Competitive analysis of suppliers

Supplier profiles

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